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We give a damn about growing your company.

You deserve a true growth partner. One who learns your business inside and out. Who delivers personalized service, not some playbook used with 50 other clients. A partner who actually gives a damn.

We're that partner.

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Give a damn principle #1

Offer services that meet your unique needs.

Unless we’re talking hats, one size generally never fits all. That's why we offer different services for different brands.

Give a damn principle #2

Care about you like your grandma cares about you.

But instead of kissing you and pinching your sweet, chubby little cheeks, we’ll help your company grow like crazy.

Here’s what folks have said about us...


"surefoot has been a steadfast, reliable partner for us over the years. Their team is experienced, approachable and genuinely cares about our success. They’ve guided our in-house testing and analytics teams, built a custom guided shopping quiz and helped us user test our way into a beautiful, functional redesign. Definitely recommend them!"

Kate McCabe
Former VP Product, Brooklinen

“5 years ago we hired surefoot to do web optimization, and they pretty much instantly became the most important marketing vendor we've ever hired. We instantly saw mind-blowing results—mundane tweaks to our site leading to massive upticks in our bottom line. We doubled down, enlisting surefoot for their expertise in UX design, customer research, and email strategy. They've knocked it all out of the park, in an eerily measurable way. They're a bunch of freaks, I tell ya.”

Adam Saraceno
CMO, Peak Design

“3 years ago, we were introduced to surefoot through our sister brand, Hydro Flask. Since partnering, our user experience and conversion rate have both markedly improved. We’ve learned valuable insights about our customers and their thoughts, behaviors and motivations. surefoot’s work has created a ripple effect throughout many of the teams at OXO and I am grateful for their partnership!”

Michael Schawel
Director of eCommerce, OXO
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Give a damn principle #3

Help solve your company's biggest, hairiest problems.

The most common we hear are below.

Tell us your problems.

We bought a fancy testing tool, but we barely use it and see no ROI from it.

Real talk: tools that are sold as "marketer friendly" often aren't.

Unless you're cool with your website looking like a Picasso, custom design, code and knowing exactly which sweet nothings to whisper to the tools are essential to getting the most out of them. We can help with that.

"I'd love to do more personalization, but where the hell do I even begin?"

Personalization: only for mature audiences.

Personalization isn't just a buzzword - it's a powerful strategy for improving your customers' experiences. It requires a certain level of data maturity and structure to be done effectively. We'll help you determine the best path forward for your business. You have to crawl before you can walk.

"I don't have enough people or time."

Therapist voice: You don't have to do this alone.

A lack of resources is the #1 challenge we hear from folks like you. We've been on your side of the table and know how much it sucks. Let us take that stress off your shoulders. Our team gives you the support and horsepower you need to crush your goals and grow your business like crazy.
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Give a damn principle #4

Work hard and deliver measurable ROI.

We don’t claim to have coined any CRO terms, nor have we written any books (yet). Partially because we’re too humble, but also because we're too busy doing the actual work.
Let's talk.

Give a damn principle #5

Do what's best for your business, not ours.

Just like your favorite old dog, our loyalty lies with you. We'll use the tools you have or recommend the ones you need with expertise and without favoritism.

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along with many others!

Check out some awesome results we’ve delivered for our clients.

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Give a damn principle #6

Prove we truly give a damn

We'd love the opportunity to earn your business, alleviate your stress and help you grow like crazy, but we can't if you don't get in touch.

Tell us what’s on your mind.
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