we give a damn about growing your company.

hi, we're surefoot - an experienced, nimble team of strategists, designers, developers, and data analysts obsessed with growing companies like yours.

it starts with being an agency that cares about the right things

surefoot doesn't give a damn about shiny “best of” plaques or big brand name logos that hang pretty on a wall. We do, however, give a damn about growing your company through improved conversion rates, lower customer acquisition costs and increased revenue.

Here are a few more things we give a damn about.

solving your company's biggest, hairiest problems

The most common we hear are below. Sorry, you're on your own with your legal team (also, please don't tell them we said that).

"I can't test anything meaningful. I don't have enough people or time."
"We bought a fancy testing tool, but we barely use it and see no ROI from it."
"I'd love to do more personalization, but where the hell do I even begin?"
"GA is our source of truth, but I'm scared it's not configured properly."

Have other problems?

treating your company like the unique flower it is

Unless we’re talking sock hats, one size generally never fits all. That's why surefoot offers different levels of service for different brands.

In other words, we meet you where you are.

design and dev support

You’ve got bad*ss ideas to test but you don’t have the technical resources or expertise to execute them correctly.

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customer and site audits

You’ve got customers and a site with problems. You want to discover those problems, find solutions and make more money.

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full-service testing

You’ve got a company that you want to grow both thoughtfully and wildly through research, strategic planning, data analysis and storytelling.

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taking care of you

Here at surefoot, we care about you like your grandma cares about you. But instead of kissing you and pinching your sweet, chubby little cheeks, we’ll help your company grow like crazy.

Here’s what folks have said about us...

surefoot is a great partner – responsive, knowledgeable and strategic. It feels like they’re more invested in our success than bigger agencies we’ve worked with due to their boutique size, and the quality of their work often exceeds that of the big agencies.

Sabrina Abney
Sabrina Abney
E-commerce Director, Mizzen+MainE-commerce Director

As we enter into our second year with surefoot, they have become our one-stop-shop a/b testing and personalization dream team. Strategic, hyper-focused, full-service and always pushing us to improve – our 10x ROI speaks for itself!

Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams
Former Divisional Director of DTC, Hydro Flask & OXO
Former Divisional Director of DTC
Hydro Flask & OXO

surefoot is super high-touch, and extremely empathetic to our business needs and how we do things. They’re like part of our team – in our Slack channel, on our weekly marketing reports, you name it. They are a dream partner for us – the kind that we very rarely find.

Adam Saraceno
Adam Saraceno
CMO, Peak DesignCMO
Peak Design

providing you with service you can trust

We don’t claim to have coined any CRO terms, nor have we written any books (yet). Partially because we’re too humble, but also because we're too busy doing the actual work.


average win rate

22.5 mo.

avg. client tenure


average ROI

doing what's right for your business

Just like your favorite old dog, our loyalty lies with you. We’ll use the tools you have or recommend the ones you need with expertise and without favoritism.

along with many others!

we give a damn about...you.

We know you have a lot on your plate and not enough time or people to get it all done. And we know how frustrating that can be because we've been there ourselves.

We'd love the opportunity to earn your business, alleviate your stress and help you grow like crazy, but we can't if you don't get in touch.