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Peak Design sees wild ass increases in email-attributed revenue, unique clicks and AOV.

The challenge

Supply chains were becoming unpredictable, people were traveling less and Peak Design found themselves in a battle for “inbox share” during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How surefoot helped

Peak’s email volume was low and they often sent single, one-off messages that were haphazard or reactionary. This low rate of email sends resulted in some disengaged subscribers.

We reviewed Peak’s previously-sent holiday email campaigns and created a new, more comprehensive Black Friday email strategy. The calendar detailed everything Peak needed for each email and acted as the blueprint, allowing their in-house word wizard, STL-style pizza aficionado and CMO, Adam Saraceno, to write and schedule emails accordingly.

This approach, plus new segmentation recommendations, resulted in the biggest email-attributed revenues Peak has ever seen.

Our approach

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We reviewed the current state of Peak’s email strategy to uncover gaps and understand business goals.
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Based on those insights, we built a content calendar a month in advance of Black Friday to help eliminate the eleventh hour time crunch.
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Emails included long-form content that spoke to Peak’s unique brand and not just deals or discounts.
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Digging into the data, we recommended an email list cleanse to suppress disengaged subscribers.  
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We also added some seriously granular segmentation - much more than campaigns sent in previous years - that resulted in better response rates.
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Email-attributed revenue increase

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AOV increase

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Unique opens increase

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Unique clicks increase

Services surefoot provided

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Segmentation Strategy

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Messaging Calendar

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Campaign Analysis

In their words...

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We specifically pride ourselves in not annoying the living shit out of our customers with superfluous emails, so we were skeptical when surefoot recommended increasing our send volume during our Black Friday campaign. But with their help, we did it thoughtfully, with more granular segmentation and messaging. The results were ludicrous...we’ve never seen a bigger year-over-year bump in email-attributed metrics.

Adam Saraceno
In-house word wizard, STL-style pizza aficionado and CMO of Peak Design

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