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LovelySkin redesigns and sees AOV and conversion lifts.

The challenge

LovelySkin had a team of in-house designers to overhaul their outdated user interface and experience, but no resources to help validate the designs, settle internal debates and understand how the changes would resonate with actual customers.

They wanted to move quickly on the site redesign and relaunch while also using data to reduce their risk of negatively impacting key business metrics.

How surefoot helped

LovelySkin has been optimizing their site with surefoot for 4 years but their branding was growing outdated.

surefoot’s UX research team worked with LovelySkin’s in-house designers to validate new designs and understand how the changes would resonate with actual customers.

surefoot conducted multiple rounds of 1:1 user interviews with LovelySkin customers and their design team’s high-fidelity prototypes.

As a final step before launch, surefoot developed and analyzed A/B tests that directly informed the final designs. 

Our approach

bullet point
Advised on the research approach based on the business needs and current timeline of the site redesign launch.
bullet point
Informed the first set of designs through an iterative design research process.
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LovelySkin updated the designs after each round of user interviews. This reduced opinion and assumption-based design and instead allowed them to meet customers’ needs and expectations.
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surefoot implemented 10 A/B tests on high-impact site sections prior to the redesign launch, which were directly informed by the rounds of user research.
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After a few weeks of test-and-learn cycles, LovelySkin reaped the benefits of a true data-driven redesign.
money going into funnel


Conversion rate increase from the redesign process

user testing


Rounds of user testing Conducted pre-redesign launch.


A/B tests completed. 10 directly informing redesign.

Services surefoot provided

UX Research

A/B Testing

Data Analysis

In their words...

“Heading into a site redesign with major functionality changes and UI updates was an overwhelming project. Our partnership with surefoot allowed us to test our way into those updates, leaving us feeling confident that every move we made was the right one for our users. The results speak for themselves: increases in AOV & conversion rate - all while improving our website’s look, feel and usability. A massive win for LovelySkin!”

Carolyn Robinson
Director of Marketing

“Being able to test our way into our website redesign with surefoot was a huge help to our team. We launched a new website, with new functionality and an updated brand design direction with reduced risk to our main KPIs. The confidence that comes from being able to test and make data-driven decisions has been a game-changer for our team.”

Logan Chard
Director of E-commerce

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