we give a damn about limiting our company's size.

If you believe big means better, we've got a lot of competitors we'd be happy to refer you to (seriously, they're smart people). But also, you can stop reading now, because that isn't us.

We curate our client roster and are intentional about our growth because we want our relationships with clients to be so personalized, they feel they can walk into our homes, open the fridge and grab a beer.

That type of relationship requires a great deal of respect and trust (mostly because we have really good beer in the fridge).

(y)our team

Strategic, nimble, “toilet paper over” personalities who work hard and have fun.

matt policastro

digital analytics manager

Matt is a data and analytics wonk who thrives on wrangling complex statistics into real-world recommendations. He's worn a lot of different hats in his career—data scientist, consultant, landscape designer—and has worked with clients in retail, technology, and the non-profit sector. There's nothing he loves more than a "losing" AB test if only because it's a chance to check his assumptions and to learn something new.

Outside of work he's an inveterate tinkerer (masks, models, and movie props galore), a steel bike enthusiast, and enjoys nothing more than a bottle of bourbon with close friends.

fun fact

Matt has listened to various ten-hour loops of Windows startup chimes and arguably enjoyed it; it's a close call between 95 and XP for his favorite.

lori brok

analytics specialist

Lori is an analytics specialist at surefoot. She loves digging into complex problems and geeking out about all things analytics. Prior to working at surefoot, Lori served as a Member of AmeriCorps St. Louis (and later as Director) and was a school-based social worker for 6 years. She has always been passionate about using data to gain a deeper understanding of how things work.

In her free time, Lori can be found dancing in the kitchen and chasing after her (almost) 2- and 4-year-olds.

fun fact

Lori exclusively takes notes in mind map format.

case white

technical project manager

Case is a strategic director at surefoot. He has a background in structured data analysis and web development, and prior to joining surefoot spent 5 years leading a team of front-end developers who built A/B tests and personalization campaigns for 40+ companies.

When he's not working, you can find Case out on the tennis court or cuddling with his dog, Tank.

fun fact

Case is a language nerd and has studied many foreign (and computer) languages. He lived in Germany for a year and used to speak fluent German, but it's getting rusty these days.

jen sparks

qa engineer

Jen is a QA Engineer at surefoot who utilizes her background in behavioral science to gain a unique perspective into user behavior and analysis. Her keen eye to detail and web development experience ensures that the product at the finish line is one that we can all be proud of.

When she's not catching bugs, Jen loves to be outside. She enjoys yoga, hiking, and hanging out with her dogs.

fun fact

Jen is obsessed with Bravo and bad reality TV. She thinks that Bravo is for geniuses.

lisa pepin

ux/ui designer

Lisa is a UX/UI designer at surefoot who creates data-driven, intuitive, and conversion-centric user experiences. She's helped 20+ companies sell more products, from delicious bacteria and hand-sewn denim to the bidet seat from the future and the world's best socks.

When she's not shopping online (it's research!), she loves cooking, doing yoga, baking, and hiking.

fun fact

Lisa taught high school English to teens from 9 countries at a Turkish school in Hanoi, Vietnam for a year and a half.

danielle maddox


Danielle is a front-end engineer who loves being involved in every piece of creation: seeing an idea through to celebrating its use. This love grew as a result of working in customer success, operations, product management and ultimately, developing code. She has learned how every aspect of creation impacts the eventual success of an idea.

In a similar vein, she aspires to grow her own food, cook it, and then share it with others at open weekend brunches and dinner parties. In the end, for Danielle, it all comes down to being a part of creating something that people will appreciate and enjoy.

fun fact

Watched "Empire Records" every. single. day. for an entire summer. The obsession has passed, but she often still wonders, "who knows where thoughts come from?"

nick vanmeter


Nick VanMeter is a front-end engineer at surefoot. He has a passion for building intuitive user experiences, and has previously worked on applications for companies like Mindbody and Hewlett-Packard enterprise.

When he’s not building a better web, you will find him running laps around town (he has 6 half marathons under his belt...someday he'll train long enough to do a full marathon), playing the trumpet in the local concert band, or (most likely) watching Netflix with his dog, Luna.

fun fact

Nick is an Irish citizen.

brian schmitt


Brian’s entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic were nurtured from a young age when he began hauling hay for hire in his rural Missouri community. He ran his first A/B test in 2003 by hardcoding the randomizer into the page and sending the data to Webtrends, because GA didn’t yet exist.

As co-founder, you’ll find him doing everything from leading client strategy to connecting with partners and managing the daily operations of surefoot. He enjoys jujitsu, bottled grapes and spending time with his family in the endless summers of West Palm Beach, Florida.

fun fact

As a pre-vet major in college Brian worked a summer job in a research lab with duties (or doodies) including shoveling irradiated sheep shit. #dirtyjobs

laura stude


When her career as an inventor of devices to facilitate outdoor restroom use didn’t take off, Laura pivoted to tech. She learned to code and worked at various startups in Austin as a front-end developer before conceding her skills and time were better spent in product, client and people management. Prior to co-founding surefoot, she worked at various a/b testing agencies and led optimization at Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

When she hangs her co-founder hat at the end of the day, you’ll find Laura outside on her mountain bike, solving problems at the bouldering gym, traveling or sipping a cold craft brew.

fun fact

Laura was featured on World’s Dumbest Inventions and mercilessly made fun of by Gilbert Gottfried (yes, Iago).

we give a damn about doing what's right.

Life shouldn't be taken too seriously. Values should.

ethics above all else – we are committed to upholding the highest standards of honesty, fairness and integrity at all times, in all we encounter.

do meaningful work – we partner with people and clients whose missions and products we believe in, whose values we share and who reciprocate the Golden Rule.

nurture personal growth – we approach every day with a willingness and excitement to grow, learn and improve our knowledge, skills, character, and life experiences.

live with balance – we’re better people, partners and problem-solvers when we’re mentally, physically and emotionally healthy. We balance work with adventure, activity, play and travel.

communicate clearly – we keep our word and communicate concisely and openly.

create and spread joy – we seek, create, and engage in fun-filled activities and appreciate the humorous side of life.

give back – as 1% for the Planet members and a Climate Neutral committed brand, we value giving back in meaningful ways and leaving our world a better place for future generations.

certified climate neutral

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