April 6, 2022

Case study: how BioLite reduced visitor drop-off in Shopify checkout and increased transactions 18%


surefoot helped BioLite design and implement an A/B test on Shopify checkout that led to a 14% reduction in customer drop-off from step 1 to step 2 of checkout, while also significantly increasing transactions and email capture.

The Challenge

Like many e-commerce companies, BioLite’s data revealed significant customer drop-off during checkout, particularly from “Step 1: Shipping Address” to “Step 2: Shipping Method”.

Since Shopify doesn’t allow customers much flexibility over the customization of their checkout templates, it was challenging for BioLite to make meaningful improvements to address the customer drop-off.

“surefoot allowed us to modify the Shopify checkout, which had been a blocker for us in the past. This was a big win for our team!”


The Approach

Through funnel tracking and enhanced e-commerce events in Google Analytics, surefoot identified that step 1 of checkout was responsible for the most significant funnel drop-off on mobile and desktop devices.

User research revealed this was likely due to the immediate requests to enter personal information such as email address and phone number with no explanation as to how they would be used.

The Solution

surefoot proposed an A/B test that would better establish trust at this critical step of checkout. They grouped the e-mail and phone input fields into a new “Contact Information” section, which was moved beneath the “Shipping Address” section. Finally, “helper text” was added to the email and phone fields detailing how customer information would be used.

The Results

Establishing trust by modifying the standard Shopify checkout encouraged significantly more desktop and mobile visitors to transact, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in projected net profit increases.

To ensure BioLite is able to continue reaping the benefits of this test, surefoot devised an innovative workaround in the Shopify administrator dashboard that enables the feature to be toggled off and on in the event of a Shopify update or production deploy.

“surefoot listened to our concerns about testing on Shopify checkout and addressed them thoughtfully. We appreciated how closely they monitored the test and kept us up-to-date with regular communication. The end result was definitely worth it!”

Emily Gates – Digital Growth Lead

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