why we founded surefoot

A few months ago, we started a company. Fast forward a few months later and we have a blog! If the excitement keeps up at this pace, we’re going to open our front doors in January and the Prize Patrol will be standing in front of us with one of those giant checks, a basket of 6 golden retriever puppies and Oprah!


We founded surefoot because we wanted to test a hypothesis (sorry, we can’t help ourselves). We were curious what would happen when we threw top talent, mission-driven clients and a people-first culture into a blender and turned it to 11.

You see, we’ve spent our entire careers working for and with the giants, the Fortune 500’s, the big kahunas. And we’re darn thankful for it. Through those partnerships, we’ve learned a whole heckuva lot about strategy, communication, management, a/b testing and hey, even ourselves.

But with each passing year, something began to nag at us. Slowly at first, until it became a familiar friend, constantly buzzing about our brains. What about the smaller guys and gals? The ones without the Super Bowl ads, million-dollar marketing budgets and big name reputations? The disruptors, innovators and trailblazers that have so much to offer yet so often go overlooked? Who do they turn to for testing support when they’re forced to pick between the Pinto and the Porsche? All too often we hear stories of them fading into the background, and that just doesn’t sit with us. So surefoot was born.

We prefer to partner with clients who are:

  • values-driven (you can find our values here)
  • customer-focused
  • disrupting traditional industries or industry models
  • in industries our team is personally passionate about:
    • Outdoors
    • Travel
    • Education
    • Self Improvement / Human Optimization
    • Animals / Pets
    • Food and Beverage
    • Tech / Wearables / IoT
    • Productivity
    • Health and Fitness
    • Sports and Entertainment
    • Startups

Something we’ve come to appreciate is that when all is said and done, a company’s size, the title on your business card or those delightfully tacky “best of” trophies don’t much matter. People do. Interactions do. Making a difference does.

Interested in making a difference together? Please get in touch.