We’re expanding our swimlane to paid media!

We are excited to announce we’re bringing our CRO process, strategy and rigor to paid media. And in case you’re wondering, yes it involves Airtable, personas, awareness states, a/b testing and other fun goodies typical of surefoot.

A key reason for this expansion is that we’ve watched many clients and friends struggle with paid media agencies who advocate a “set it, forget it and get paid” approach over a more strategic, dare we say “manual” approach. And man does that really grind our gears. Not only because robots are making the decisions (you know Laura’s stance on robots), but more so because it rarely leads to true value for clients, or delightful touchpoints with their customers.

Decisions like this aren’t taken lightly around these parts. In fact, we’ve fielded a few requests for paid media management over the years but turned them down because we didn’t feel we were in a position to do it the surefoot way™ – with exceptional quality, refined strategy and expertise.

Our friends at Peak Design graciously took a chance on us, and we’ve been piloting a program with them for the past 4 months. It has led to measurable increases in key metrics, helped alleviate some of the creative burden from Peak’s internal team and earned us an ongoing spot on the roster as we look to expand and experiment with new advertising platforms.

If you want more details on our unique approach or specific results we’ve delivered for Peak Design, shoot us a note at [email protected]