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What follows is a bit lengthy, but will give you a better idea of what we do, what we value and how we work.

what we do

You know those websites that make it impossible to add an item to your cart, sign up for a newsletter or enter your credit card information? Sooo frustrating, right?! Instead of buying the pants or entering your email, you throw up your hands, mutter a curse word or two and immediately head over to YouTube to watch cat videos.

At surefoot, we make life easier for web surfers and shoppers like you.

We ease user frustrations, improve conversions and craft data stories that help our clients make sound, data-informed business decisions.

How, you ask?

In short, we formulate hypotheses based on data from sources like Google Analytics, HotJar and customer service data, which allow us to identify the biggest friction points on our clients’ sites. Then, we validate or invalidate our hypotheses in the form of A/B tests, whose results we analyze to determine the optimal site experience.

QA Engineer role and requirements

As a QA Engineer, you’ll work closely with our engineering team to manually QA our tests before they go live. This role is very important, as you’ll be the last line of defense to ensure our code doesn’t break our clients’ sites. And we definitely don’t want to break our clients’ sites.

The position is for a fully-remote independent contractor and open to U.S.-based applicants only. Currently, the role offers 10-20 hours per week, but we expect that number to grow as the company does.

This is a great role for up-and-coming developers, as it provides exposure to various codebases and debugging tools. We have a great track record of “hiring from within”, so if you wish to grow into another role as you level up your skills, that may be a possibility.

a day in the life of a qa engineer

  • start your morning with a cup ‘o joe and fire up your computer to check emails, Slack, and Asana.
  • it’s 10:30 CST, time for our team video stand-up to chit chat with teammates a bit, then talk about what you worked on yesterday, are doing today and any blockers.
  • shortly after stand-up, you’ll check Asana, where details about your first test to QA will be waiting. You’ll fire up Browserstack and your trusty Google Sheet QA rubric and QA away.
  • you may encounter a few bugs as you’re QAing, which you’ll document in your QA sheet and screenshot. Extra brownie points if you dig in to the code to sniff out the bug in more detail and document it for the original engineer.
  • once your first test has made it’s way back to the original engineer for bugfixes, it’s onto the next. If this one passes all the checks on the first try, you’ll assign it to the strategic director for review and be done for the day!

If you’re still with us, here are the requirements:


  • Able to communicate clearly and concisely with good “email voice”
  • Top-notch attention to detail
  • Availability during standard M-F working hours (so QA can be completed efficiently)
  • Self-motivation, ability to work independently and remotely, the desire to continuously learn and grow
  • Hobbies outside of work


  • Previous experience with Asana, Slack, Browserstack and Google Sheets
  • Knowledge of Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Sass
  • Experience with testing tools like Optimizely, Convert, Dynamic Yield or others
  • Familiarity or understanding of frameworks like React, Node and Angular
  • Funny GIF library, good emoji usage, sense of humor

our values and culture

Our values are extremely important to us and we stake the company on them. This means that even the Grand Poobah of QA won’t be considered if our values don’t align.

give a damn. In case you haven’t noticed, this is a big one for us and we put it front-and-center in everything we do. We give a damn about our clients and refuse to waiver on doing what is best for them, even if it means less upside for us. We give a damn about our work, so we always go the extra mile to ensure we are proud of the things we stamp our names on. We give a damn about each other, so we strive to infuse kindness throughout our interactions – with clients, each other, our communities and all those we meet. And finally, we give a damn about the environment, which is why we’re proudly Climate Neutral and partners of 1% For The Planet.

own your mistakes, learn from them and move on. Our preferred path is to “fail fast”. In other words, identify your mistakes, take ownership, discuss what you learned, identify solutions for ways to correct them so they don’t happen again and move on.

channel your inner entrepreneur. If a process or task is hindering you in some way, don’t wait to be asked to fix it. Like Nike says, Just Do It™. Make it work for you. Experiment. You’re a smart, capable person so don’t ask permission. Arrive with a well-thought-out solution that makes it easy for everyone to say “yes” to, you smarty, you.

ready to apply?

Since we are a fully remote team, we have a somewhat atypical interview process. For the first step of the interview phase, we ask applicants to show basic competency in the necessary skill sets.

If all is well there, you’ll move on to phase two which involves a Zoom video call to get to know one another a bit better.

If we’re feeling good about that, we’ll ask you to do some actual paid work with us to determine fit for both parties – we call this a “paid interview”.

To apply, compose an email to [email protected] and laur[email protected] with the following:

  1. Your desired hourly rate and amount of time you’re available per week
  2. Any relevant experience you have with A/B testing
  3. A link to your responses from this exercise

All applicants will receive a response. surefoot is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to building a company that embraces and celebrates diversity and inclusion. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.