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What follows is a bit lengthy, but will give you a better idea of what we do, what this role entails, measures of success and how to apply.


what we do

We’re a boutique growth agency that gives a damn about our work, our clients, our people, and doing the right thing. We specialize in:

  • user experience research and design
  • full-service a/b testing and personalization (aka conversion rate optimization) 
  • data analytics
  • email


about the surefoot email team

Wouldn’t you rather feel trusted to use your expertise and problem-solve than have your manager hawking over your shoulder micromanaging you? Did you become an email manager so you could have time to deep work and focus on driving real value, or did you do all that hard work so you could waste time infighting with colleagues and clients and finger-pointing in meetings all day?

At surefoot, our email team enjoys doing the heads-down “deep work” required to deliver real strategic value to our clients, as well as working closely with kind, supportive co-workers who respect them and their time (both at and away from the virtual office). They are given trust and autonomy to problem solve and their hard work is recognized by peers, leadership and clients. Big egos and timesheet padders don’t last long here. Nor do people with “that’s not in my job description” attitudes. When smart people collaborate instead of compete and bring solutions instead of problems, amazing things happen.

We also collaborate with our clients. We bend over backwards (but not forwards) to make sure they’re happy. Our goal is to be the best, most helpful agency they’ve ever worked with. In pursuit of that goal, we’re not two-faced — we share our authentic selves with clients, colleagues and everyone we meet. That includes admitting when we make mistakes and learning from them so we may improve in the future.

We’ll be honest; surefoot isn’t for everyone. If you can’t make decisions without a lot of oversight or input from others, hate the thought of spending an extra few minutes at the end of a long day to help a teammate or client, or asynchronous communication gives you heart palpitations, we’re probably not for you. And if you hate flexibility and can’t manage your own work schedule, stop reading here. But if you’re a humble team player who likes to see and contribute to the success of something greater than yourself, then you need to apply. Now.


email campaign manager role description

As an email campaign manager, you’ll coordinate and execute email campaigns, overseeing emails throughout their entire lifecycle from idea to analysis. This means working closely with our clients to manage production schedules and calendars, and collaborating with our internal team of creative, development, QC and data analytics teams to ensure campaigns and emails are delivered with confidence and excellence. You’ll need to have hands-on experience with various email tools, since you’ll be responsible for setting up workflows for triggered/automated emails and will ultimately be the one “pushing the button” on campaign sends. You’ll report to an email marketing strategist and work closely alongside them to ensure we’re delivering in a strategic, efficient and timely fashion.

We’ll look to you to take ownership over project managing and executing on all things email. You’ll roll up your sleeves and do the work required to drive process efficiency and help our clients sleep better at night knowing we’re sending damn good emails. Successful campaign managers are collaborative, insanely organized and great communicators. Oh, and it helps if you pride yourself on delivering thoughtful, customer-centric experiences. 


a day in the life of an email campaign manager

  • start your morning with a cup ‘o joe and fire up your computer organize your priorities for the day, check emails, Slack, check-in on active campaigns, etc.
  • it’s 10:30 CST, time for our team video stand-up to chit chat with teammates a bit, then talk about what you worked on yesterday, are doing today and any blockers.
  • shortly after stand-up, you’ll hop on your first hour-long client call of the day (video camera on!), where you’ll start by talking with clients about anything other than the weather (weird news you recently read, the trip you know they just got back from, y’know, actual interesting stuff). Once you’ve chit-chatted a bit, you’ll walk the client through the status of campaigns in their pipeline and talk about the content calendar for the upcoming month. After the email strategist talks through the results of a recent campaign, you’ll re-iterate next steps and to-dos and bid your client friends goodbye ‘til next time.
  • after a stretch break and a #self-care Slack post to enter the monthly gift card drawing, you’re back at your desk moving new email campaign initiatives into the internal Asana queue and ensuring they’re assigned to the copy and development teams.
  • you spend your early afternoon writing a creative brief for an upcoming initiative that promises to drive greater relevance through an increased mix of targeted and automated campaigns, and includes integrated strategy with related channels (SMS/push/social).
  • it’s time for your weekly internal check-in with the email strategist, where you’ll review each client’s updates for the upcoming week and progress from the week prior. 
  • after this call, you’ll respond to a few client emails/Slack messages that have come in and check in on #watercooler to interact with teammates before you wrap things up for the day.


role requirements

must haves

  • 2+ years of experience in hands-on management of email campaign creation or managing the email channel within consumer brand or marketing/consulting agency.
  • knowledge of best practices for email marketing, dynamic content, testing methodologies, list segmentation, deliverability and applicable laws and compliance measures.
  • experience with tools like Emarsys, Klaviyo, Listrak or similar.
  • adaptable to evolving deadlines, priorities, and project requirements.
  • top notch communicator with approachable, grammatically correct writing style.
  • experience and comfort presenting to clients and stakeholders.
  • exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail (e.g., if you found an error in this job description, it is still bugging you).


  • experience with A/B testing or personalization.
  • some knowledge of basic HTML/CSS and creating emails within the various tools.


salary and benefits

The position is full-time W-2 and open to U.S.-based applicants only. No Visa sponsorship is provided.

  • Base salary: $70,000-$90,000 (depending on experience) 
  • Benefits and perks:
    • health insurance
    • 2.5 weeks paid vacation to start (more accrued annually)
    • 11 paid holidays
    • two 1/2 day Fridays per month
    • self-care bonuses
    • company-paid all-hands trips
    • fully-remote team (even pre-COVID!)
    • Climate Neutral smart thermostat reimbursement
    • $250 learning budget
    • …more as the company grows, with your input solicited on benefits that matter to you!


ready to apply?

Great, we’re looking forward to meeting you! To get the ball rolling, please submit this form.

If all is well there, you’ll move on to phase two which involves a Zoom video call or two to get to know one another a bit better. If we’re feeling good about that, we’ll contact your references.

And finally, if your references check out and confirm you’re not a stabber, we’ll ask you to do some actual paid work with us to determine fit for both parties. We call this a “paid interview”, and it’s a nice way for both parties to get a feel for one another’s work, communication style and more.

All applicants will receive a response. surefoot is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to building a company that embraces and celebrates diversity and inclusion. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.