hi there, thanks for stopping by.

what follows is a bit lengthy, but will give you a better idea of what we do, who we’re looking for and how we work.

what we do

we’ve all visited websites that make it impossible for us to add an item to our cart, sign up for a newsletter or enter our credit card information. And what do we do instead of buy the pants or enter our emails to receive weekly newsletters? We throw up our hands in frustration, mutter a curse word or two and immediately head over to YouTube to watch cat videos and regulate our blood pressure.

sorry cat video view counts. surefoot assists clients in easing user frustrations, improving conversions and crafting data stories that help them make data-informed business decisions. How, you ask?

in short, we formulate hypotheses based on data from sources like Google Analytics, HotJar and customer service transcripts, which allow us to identify the biggest friction points on our clients’ sites. Then, we validate or invalidate our hypotheses in the form of tests, whose results we analyze to determine the optimal site experience.

data analyst role and requirements

as a data analyst at surefoot, your human interaction will mostly consist of conversations with our strategic directors and clients. However, your primary interactions will be with our clients’ datasets. We’ll look to you to analyze the results of our clients’ tests and distill the hard data into digestible “data stories” that can be universally understood by everyone from the intern to the CEO. In other words, some of your time will be spent crunching numbers while the other portion will be spent translating those numbers to English, helping “non-numbers speaking people” understand what the data means.

the position is for a remote, independent contractor and open to U.S.-based applicants only. No Visa sponsorship is provided. Currently, the role offers 15-25 hours per week but that number could grow as the company (and your interest) does.

if you’re still with us, here are the requirements:


  • 5+ years of professional experience in data analysis, statistics
  • experience with web analytics tools and principles; Google Analytics and/or Adobe Analytics
  • passionate about visualizing data that can tell a story and be easily understood by others
  • top notch communicator with good writing skills, grammar and grasp of the English language
  • demonstrated expertise communicating results and actionable insights from in-depth analysis to decision makers
  • experience developing Keynote or PowerPoint presentations with a strategic focus
  • exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail
  • self-motivation, ability to work independently and remotely
  • strong desire to continuously learn and grow
  • craves feedback and accepts it with gratitude
  • high emotional intelligence
  • hobbies outside of work


  • experience with A/B testing or personalization
  • working knowledge of statistical frameworks and concepts pertinent to A/B testing including Frequentist statistics, Bayesian statistics, p-values, confidence intervals, minimum detectable effect, etc.
  • experience writing SQL, wrangling spreadsheet data, and analyzing data using R or Python
  • experience with tools like Optimizely, Dynamic Yield, VWO, HotJar, Mixpanel
  • interest in the outdoors (many of our clients fall into the outdoors and active lifestyle industry)
  • funny GIF library, good emoji usage, sense of humor

our values and culture

our values are extremely important to us and we stake the company on them. This means that even the Grand Poobah of data analysts won’t be considered if our values don’t align.

be nice and do the right thing. We firmly believe that this world could use a bit more kindness so we strive to infuse it throughout our interactions – with clients, each other, our communities and all those we meet. We’re outdoors enthusiasts, wine aficionados, music nerds, travel buffs…the list goes on…and we prefer working with clients who share our passions and values. Doing the right thing means we refuse to waiver on doing what is best for our clients, even if it means less upside for us.

own your mistakes, learn from them and move on. Our preferred path is to “fail fast” – in other words: identify the mistake, take ownership, discuss what was learned, identify solutions for ways to correct it and move on. Admitting when we fuck up and focusing on getting better, in work and in personal life, paves the way for immense personal growth.

dedication to the craft, not the timesheet. We value output over hours. While we do track how many hours are spent working on each client, we don’t care where you work from (as long as you’re a US citizen). Some weeks you may work 25 hours from your PJs, others you may work 45 from a beachside palapa in Costa Rica. As long as the work gets done on time and to spec, it matters little to us where it gets done. Quality, impact, and creativity are important to us. If you’re able to find process efficiencies or want to work more hours, take on bigger projects, etc. we’ll be happy to pay you for higher output.

ask forgiveness, not permission. If you hate micromanagement, you’re in luck because being a nimble, mostly remote team doesn’t lend itself to that. While we have thorough processes that help us work together and ensure we’re delivering quality work to clients, you may identify things within the org that are sub-optimal or hindering output. If something isn’t working, don’t wait to be asked to fix it. Instead, like Nike says, Just Do It™. Make it work for you. Experiment. Don’t ask permission. If it fails or you made a mistake, revisit the above value on mistakes.

ready to apply?

since we are a remote team, we have a somewhat atypical interview process. For the first step of the interview phase, we ask applicants to show basic competency in the necessary skill sets. If all is well there, you’ll move on to phase two which involves a Zoom video call to get to know one another a bit better. If we’re feeling good about that, we’ll contact your references. If your references check out, we’ll ask you to do some actual paid work with us to determine fit for both parties.

to apply, compose an email to [email protected] and [email protected] with the following:

  1. your desired hourly rate and amount of time you’re available per week
  2. your responses to this brief exercise: http://sf.surefoot.me/PSAlAa
  3. any relevant experience you have with a/b testing, data analysis, user research, etc.
  4. contact info for 3-4 references (will only be contacted if you move through phase 1)

All applicants will receive a response. surefoot is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to building a company that embraces and celebrates diversity and inclusion. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.