we give a damn about hiring the right people.

We formed surefoot as a fully-remote company whose mission is to foster a culture where everyone is encouraged to pursue new things, take on challenges, grow as individuals and work with clients we're proud to have as partners. Just because we're remote doesn't mean we don't work our a$$es off. In fact, because we are remote, we have to work harder in many ways. We wholly believe in balance and carve out time for fun, family and friends, but this definitely isn't a "skate by" kind of place.

You'll be a successful surefooter if you're a "doer" who arrives to problems with solutions already in-hand, have exceptional verbal and written communication skills, are a curious tinkerer and a humble personality not afraid to admit mistakes and contribute to the broader group's learning.

Oh, and you definitely have to appreciate Slack memes, bad puns and pounce on any opportunity to reply "that's what she said" to a co-worker or client.

available jobs

senior growth product manager (full-time)

As a senior growth product manager at surefoot, your daily interactions will mostly consist of conversations with our project managers, ux researchers and designers and occasionally, our clients. We will look to you to wear a number of hats as you lead strategy and deliver maximum ROI and happiness for our clients. Read more and apply.

digital analyst (full-time)

As a digital analyst at surefoot, you’ll spend your days analyzing website performance data to uncover meaningful insights for e-commerce clients, perform basic statistical analysis and ensure metrics are properly tracking in Google Analytics and A/B testing tools so our data tells a complete story. Read more and apply.

project manager (full-time)

As a project manager at surefoot, your daily interactions will mostly consist of conversations with our clients and our internal team of designers and developers. We will look to you to lead the day-to-day management of client engagements, provide advisory support, and assist with strategy, user research, user experience and analysis. Read more and apply.

front-end engineer (full-time)

As a front-end engineer, you’ll work closely with strategic directors, ui designers and QA to build the tests that the team has prioritized for our clients. This is isn’t your standard front-end dev gig, as you’ll be writing code that is inserted into websites via 3rd party testing tools like Optimize and Dynamic Yield. Read more and apply.

data scientist (part-time w2)

As a data scientist at surefoot, you’ll provide deep insights into the impacts of our A/B tests and emails on our clients’ businesses. You’ll regularly find yourself analyzing large datasets to identify patterns, friction points and key opportunities. Occasionally, you may find yourself in web analytics tools like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics to create reports or extract data. Read more and apply.

operations manager (1099 contract)

As an operations manager at surefoot, your daily interactions will mostly consist of conversations with our 2 co-founders and 3rd party vendors. We will rely on you to keep the wheels on the bus and ensure clients, new hires and employees are happy and thriving. Read more and apply.