Full-service optimization

just like teenagers, we go through phases

(but we guarantee ours are more fun)

step 1: strategic discovery

If you’re like most working adults in the 21st century, you have a boatload of data feeding into various tools and dashboards and you’re just a tad bit overwhelmed by the thought of analyzing it all.

We’ll roll up our sleeves, pull the mask over our noses and mouths until oxygen starts flowing and perform a “data deep dive” into your existing datasets to learn more about your customers’ behaviors, pain points and identify key areas of opportunity.

step 2: customer discovery

We’ll conduct qualitative and quantitative research to begin building a more robust profile of your customers. And this ain’t yo’ marketing analytics agency’s average demographics profile we’re talking about. We’ll journey deep into the psyche of your customers to uncover their goals, motivations, behaviors and pain points.

Through the detailed personas and Buyer Legends we deliver, you’ll gain key insights into what makes your customers tick and how to better speak to, market to and relate to them throughout all aspects of your business and all levels of your organization.

step 3: roadmap planning & prioritization

Using the data gathered in the discovery phases to guide us, we’ll develop a strategic, prioritized testing roadmap that ensures you the highest probability of winning tests.

First, we’ll work with your team (or independently, if that’s how you roll) to define and outline a set of data-driven hypotheses. You know, that ol’ “I believe if we [x], [y] will happen” stuff. Then, we’ll categorize and prioritize the hypotheses and forecast timing to ensure testing is aligned and in sync with your other marketing initiatives.

step 4: test implementation

When it’s time to put mouse to pixel and breathe more life into our hypotheses, we call on our experienced team of UX/UI designers, front-end developers and QA analysts.

Also, we might make you believe in Santa Claus again when we tell you that getting a test in motion doesn’t require you to wait for next month’s sprint, file a JIRA ticket into backlog purgatory or ply your developers with coffee and bitcoins. Our average turnaround on a test that requires design and development is 2-4 days and we handle all the project management and coordination. So hold onto those bitcoins (or maybe don’t, who knows, we’re not Warren Buffett).

step 5: data analysis & storytelling

Does crushing full cans of soda on your forehead sound more fun than sitting through yet another awful presentation with confusing graphs and nonsensical numbers?

We’ll save you the pain of both by providing the results of each test in a digestible, easy-to-understand story format that reads more like plain English and less like a drunken college student’s math homework. Not only will you understand the numbers, but the whys behind the numbers, as well as actionable insights and recommendations.

please email us to discuss full-service a/b testing and personalization further or learn more about our “design/dev only” or “research & discovery” service offerings.