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off-limits topics include: the meaning of life, politics, and the birds and the bees.

maybe you're wondering who commonly uses our services or why clients ask for our help. perhaps you want to know what makes us unique. maybe you're just curious if remote teams wear pants.

no matter your question, you're in the right place.

1) who calls on surefoot?

on the receiving end of our emails are typically ceo’s, cmo’s, vp’s of digital or product, marketing directors, senior e-commerce managers, heads of growth marketing, or digital analytics managers (but titles, schmitles — if you need help and your title isn’t listed, please don’t be shy!)

2) what verticals are your clients in?

we primarily work with e-commerce, lead gen and SaaS clients, both b2c and b2b. for even more details on our clients, check out why we founded surefoot.

3) what is your process?

strategy and speed are key objectives. the process starts with kickoff and then we dive into strategic discovery, test implementation and finally, reporting and analysis. it typically takes anywhere from 11-15 days to get our initial hypothesis roadmap in place and our first batch of strategic, high-impact tests live.

4) what makes surefoot unique?

we could wax poetic here about our deep a/b testing experience, client roster or process, but we try to avoid “we we-ing” on ourselves. but since you asked, we take the time to get to know you, your customers and your brand on a deep, personal level. we’ll contact your customers to ask their opinions, rep your brand and tell our friends about it, and start calls by discussing your weekend spent wakeboarding, not the weather. in short, we want to foster the kinds of relationships where if you’re in our home, you feel like you can walk to our fridge and grab a beer without asking.

5) do you know how to use a shift key to capitalize letters?

Yes (< see, proof!), but lowercase is kind of our “thing”. we’ll tell you why over a beer sometime if you’re really curious.

6) do you promise to wear pants if we work together?

yes. when we meet in person, at least.

what else can we answer?

if you have a question we didn’t answer (or didn’t answer well enough), please shoot us a note.